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Celebrating my RONE Nominees!

I wasn’t much of an athlete growing up, so I don’t have a collection of trophies and ribbons from days of running track or playing soccer. I did win some academic awards, though, and I was named Most Likely to … Continue reading

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My New Goal in Life: Rock Leopard Velour Pants

One of my greatest pleasures in life is my morning walk. It’s Me Time. I only answer to me. I walk as long as I wish (or as long as my schedule that day will allow). I listen to music. … Continue reading

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When You Simply Have to Give in to Your Characters

As an author, I’ve tried both pantsing and planning when getting ready to start a new novel. I’ve figured out that pantsing—author-speak for flying by the seat of your pants—doesn’t work for me. If I don’t have any firm direction … Continue reading

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Dime Novels–the 19th Century Harry Potter

When I began writing Written in the Cards, my latest western historical romance, I decided to have my heroine be the author of dime novels. These cheap paperbacks flourished during the 19th century, as increased mechanization made printing them easy. … Continue reading

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Dedicating My Novel – This Time It’s To My Own Daughter

Today is my 4th published book’s birthday! I’m starting to enjoy this whole release day stuff. Written in the Cards is the story of Maggie Rutherford and Ben Morgan, both Yankees who have made their way west. Maggie is from … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me – I’m One Year Old!

Yes, it’s true—I’m officially one. A single digit. No, not me The Person. Me—The Author. It was May 2013 when I published my 1st historical romance, Music For My Soul.  I’d met my editor, Debby Gilbert of Soul Mate Publishing, … Continue reading

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Pen Names—For Me . . . and My Heroine!

    Many writers choose to use a pen name when they become published authors. By now, everyone knows that Samuel Clemens became more famous writing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as Mark Twain, while Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was … Continue reading

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