Whether the Weather Will Make Up Its Mind


Texas is known for its crazy weather. Like a mood-swinging, hormonal teenager or pregnant mom-to-be, our weather changes contantly. There’s a saying in Texas—if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes. Sometimes even five will do the trick.

I remember a Thanksgiving where there was ice and snow on the ground. We had to be so careful heading out to visit relatives an hour away because the roads were downright dangerous. 16 Then I remember having to turn on the A/C on Thanksgiving Day once because it was so darn hot!

March has been pretty cray-cray this year. Already, school has been canceled three different days for snow and ice. I’ve gone walking and already been hot one day, then had to bundle up the next when I put my miles in. It’s also rained, which you’d expect since spring is supposedly on its way. Every day—and within a day—seems to bring a new forecast. Most of which are wrong, BTW.

Right now, my downstairs unit is still on heat. Just today, dark and gloomy, the house was chilled when I got home, so I heated it up a bit. Yet for the past couple of nights, it’s been so hot upstairs that we’ve run the A/C up there just so we could get a good night’s sleep. The flannel sheets are still on, but I know the minute I take them off, an arctic blast will probably come through!

This weather is not conducive for women. We have certain rituals that help us get ready for spring. A pedicure is mandatory after months of enclosing toes in socks and boots. 17Right now, mine look pitiful—so even if it turns almost 80 again (as it did 2 days ago), I can’t show them. If I did, people would take one look at my feet and run screaming for the hills.

I also will need to start shaving my legs on a more regular basis. During the winter, the tiny hairs on my legs don’t grow as fast, so I can get away with once-a-week shaving. But come spring, I need to pick up the pace. And be more careful. In cold weather, who cares if I miss a little spot? It’s winter, and my legs are encased in jeans and sweats and flannel pajamas!

Spring also means I need to at least make an attempt at spring cleaning. That means attacking my closet. What do I like and want to keep? What should be given away? What actually fits after I’ve stored my share of winter fat? What have I not worn in 5 years that really needs to go? These are all big decisions, and they’ll take the better part of an afternoon as I try on various shirts, pants, skirts, and even shoes. As far as deep cleaning? Don’t even go there.


So whether the weather cooperates or not, I need to be thinking about ways to get ready for spring. Lighter meals. Less clothing. Painted toes and scrubbed heels. Oh, and stocking up on allergy meds. For even though I love spring, with its warmer weather and greening up of lawns and trees and abundant colors of flowers everywhere, I know I’ll have watering eyes and a constant drip down my throat and tissues in every pocket.


Off to schedule that pedicure and look for coupons for stocking up on my OTC allergy meds!


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2 Responses to Whether the Weather Will Make Up Its Mind

  1. Rita says:

    Pretty toes are essential.

  2. Kathy Hogan says:

    Same weather here. After warm days the past week lulling us into thinking spring was here, the weather is cloudy and in 40s, making the house feel chilled.

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