It’s All About Balance (and you thought it was All About That Bass)


It’s All About Balance (and you thought it was All About That Bass)

I’m a firm believer in balance. After all, all work and no play didn’t go so well for The Shining’s Jack Torrance!

I’ve always had a strong work ethic, but I think it’s important to play a little bit, too. I try to do something just for me every day to keep things in perspective. I walk almost daily (which keeps me sane). I enjoy reading (just finished Karen Robard’s latest), and I have several TV shows I tune in to see (My gosh—after this week’s Suit’s premiere—can I despise Louis Litt anymore???).

Yesterday, I took advantage of our great weather to take a break and be a kid again. Apologies to my Northern friends who are battling snow drifts. The weather gods of Texas also believe in balance in winter. We had a cold snap, followed by temps in the 60s & 70s, and are back in the 40s this morning. But I digress . . .

Thursday, I did one of my favorite activities that I so enjoyed as a kid—I went to the zoo. It was a sunny day. A bit breezy. But sometimes you just have to get out and do something kid-like to celebrate life. I’m in good health and can walk a large place such as a zoo with no discomfort. And what I fun couple of hours it was!

The elephant herd had two precious babies in it.


The lions, rhinos, and meerkats lounged in the sun, making me miss Meerkat Manor all over again. (RIP, Flower)

15A 30822

A ram gobbled a pole. Hope he didn’t swallow any splinters!


A kangaroo came this close and let us talk to him as he cocked his head and listened politely.


The tiger paced.


And the flamingos squawked so loudly that I almost needed earplugs!


I think it’s important to take these kinds of timeouts in life. Today, I feel my batteries are recharged, and I hope I’ll get a ton of writing done today and this weekend . . . you know, when the weather goes so cold that I’ll be staying inside to write by the fire. Gotta love Texas!



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