Save the Dates, Invitations, and Food . . . Oh, My!


As we’ve moved into 2015, I’m happy to report that wedding plans are still running smoothly (knock on wood), and we’re crossing off more and more on the To-Do List.

Save the Date cards have officially gone out. Choices included text only or including a picture of the engaged couple with the information about the wedding day. While the words-only ones seemed nice, nothing beats a picture—especially of a couple in love. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the happiness on my daughter’s face as she gazed at her fiancé. They had the photographer shoot their engagement series of photos at a local park, and I think the outdoor pictures add such a nice element vs. in-studio portraits.


Once those went out, we turned to designing the wedding invitation. Things have certainly changed from my day. When my husband and I married, our invitation was worded in the traditional manner (Mr. & Mrs. So & So request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, etc.). I thought I was being quite bold with moving away from the standard black script on ivory paper when I tossed in my bridal party colors of pale yellow sunshine and periwinkle blue on the invite.

Nowadays, you create everything on-line first to see how it will appear (much like snapping pix with my iPhone and deleting those that don’t live up to what I like). We played with colors (mostly shades of purple since that’s the wedding color). Different fonts were available, and the suggestion wording could be used or altered in many ways. My daughter ordered samples, and we could see these in person, feel the weight of the paper, and flip through the different types of envelopes and peruse color charts. Finally, she made her decision. The invitation is colorful, elegant, and a little bit fun and flirty, all rolled into one.

The next mission—and this is one I accepted with much delight—was a menu sampling at the open house of the venue. The in-house catering menu is close to thirty pages of items, so anything that would help us narrow down appetizer and entrée choices would be more than helpful. We’d already sampled four different appetizers at a previous open house that included vendors (especially loved the meatballs and dates wrapped in bacon), and they had eight more to add to what we’d already tried.


The variety impressed me. Servers circulated with trays of wings, crab dip in endive, pork pot stickers, chicken fingers, prosciutto, beef wellington, and crostinis that ranged from beef to salmon to vegetarian. The entrees included chicken, filet mignon, and salmon, with each so tender and seasoned so incredibly well that even Gordon Ramsay would have put his stamp of approval on them. Salads with various dressings, rolls, and sides of rice pilaf and fingerling potatoes also were quite tasty. The champagne that will be used to toast the bride and groom was light, crisp, and tangy. They did have a hot chocolate bar (with baby marshmallows and shaved dark chocolate to drop in your demitasse cup) and while we sampled it, I think for our summer wedding in Texas we’ll have to take a pass on this. Hey, it was in the 30s last night, so a hot beverage hit the spot for me!

Of course, we still have a myriad of things to do, but things are shaping up nicely. I’ve heard from other frazzled MOBs (mothers of the brides) that they were relieved when the wedding was over. Frankly, I’m savoring each of these steps along the way and don’t mind the work going into it because I know it will produce a lovely end result. So at least for  now, I’ll continue to enjoy the journey!



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4 Responses to Save the Dates, Invitations, and Food . . . Oh, My!

  1. Kathy Hogan says:

    I’m so glad you are enjoying this time and not letting it stress you. Cannot wait to see the final result. I never noticed how much the bride resembled you until this picture. The side view shows she is definitely your child.

  2. I think we’re enjoying it so much because we’re both super-organized. We research, pull our resources together, analyze things, and then making an informed decision is quick and easy! Neither of us feels frazzled at all. I know that may come in time, but I’m enjoying the ride right now!!

  3. carmens007 says:

    What can I say except wishing your daughter a marriage full of mutual understanding, mutual love and companionship. Health and wealth and as we say here a stone house- that nothing can break!
    I understand your feelings as mother of 2 daughters, already married. Have fun along this period of settling all needed for this unique event in your child’s life!

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Carmen! I hope your daughters are happy in the choice they made. I’m having a terrific time sharing all these events with my daughter. As my only, I’ve got to squeeze all the fun out of this!

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