Cupcakes for Breakfast?


There’s nothing I like better than a slice of cake—unless it’s a cupcake!

Yesterday, I ate cupcakes for breakfast. Yes, you read that right. Of course, there was a point to doing something like that.

It’s all about the wedding planning.

Suffice it to say, I’m enjoying everything that’s going into planning my daughter’s wedding for next summer. I had a blast visiting different venues where we’ll hold the ceremony and reception. Being me, I took a bazillion pix on my iPhone, organizing each venue into its own folder. Trying to retain my crown as Queen of Organization, I also wrote up notes about each spot and made a Pro/Con list.

Wedding dress shopping was a terrific day, and the dress will arrive in mid-February. The happy couple found a photographer and did their engagement photos outside, thankfully the weekend before cold weather in the 30s with chilly winds hit Texas. They’ve hired a DJ. Compiled their guest list and are working on the registry. We have a place for the rehearsal dinner and know who will cater it. So many checks are done on our To-Do List!

But then came . . . cake tasting. Of which I deem myself an expert.

We went to an open house at their wedding venue and tasted several vendors’ samples. The mini-cupcake reigned supreme, so you know I was in hog heaven. One place stood out, and we booked a cake tasting there. As usual, I did my homework, so I knew about how much a slice of wedding cake should go for, that if you had the same baker do the wedding cake he/she should give you a discount on the groom’s cake, and all about how much fees are to transport said cakes to the reception. Needless to say, I like being prepared and making informed decisions.

Susan, our baker, had everything laid out for us—the bride, groom, hubby, and me. We talked about flavors and sampled. While the Italian cream cake with French vanilla filling and toasted coconut and pecans was a strong contender, in the long run they selected a wedding cake of white almond with dark chocolate filling. Having chocolate inside a wedding cake is a nice little twist (this chocoholic was cheering on the inside at their selection). And if people don’t like chocolate? Heck, just eat around it because the cake and buttercream icing were delish.

The groom’s cake, you ask? It’ll be a chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese filling, which was sweet but not too sweet, and a nice balance that complimented the moist cake.

Then we got to look at a gallery of Susan’s creations for both types of cakes. The happy couple narrowed down the wedding cake to not square but round, 3 tiers (with a 4th on the bottom to give the cake height, but it won’t be edible), and real flowers vs. sugar ones. Shades of purple will be reflected but not dominant the cake. The groom’s cake will be something centering around OU since they met there and are rabid fans. They now have about 8 weeks to study pix on Pinterest before they return for their design session and create the perfect look for each cake.

On top of sampling tasty treats, I got to head to Waco yesterday for a game featuring my beloved Bears. Of course, no trip to Waco is complete without a visit to George’s, where I feasted on chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and mac & cheese, along with melt in your mouth rolls.


So what was my first mission this morning? Walking off some of those calories!



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4 Responses to Cupcakes for Breakfast?

  1. Karen Nix says:

    So glad you are enjoying the process. It was one of the most fun times Kara and I had together.

  2. Kathy Hogan says:

    Wedding cake is one of my favorite food groups. The choice sounds wonderful. Looking forward to having a little piece and to seeing the final results of all the organization for the big event.

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