You Never Know What You’ll See On A Walk


I’m a walker from way back. Pretty much every morning, despite the heat or cold, I go for a lengthy walk.

I walk for several reasons. It’s a great way to burn calories. It’s terrific for relieving stress. It’s plain fun to be in the outdoors, breathing fresh air and enjoying nature. I can think, pray, and especially now that I’m a writer—I can plot to my heart’s desire.

I take pictures on some of my walks. In the spring and through the summer, I like to grab pictures of the beautiful flowers that I pass by each day.


During the fall when the leaves start to change, I enjoy finding colorful trees and taking a picture of my Tree of the Day.


Sometimes I’m able to capture a cooperative squirrel. Not often, because they like to scamper away. It’s the rare squirrel that will hang around and pose for a snapshot. My favorite shots of animals involve rabbits. I see them rarely, but they make for a great photo.


Today, though, I saw something I’ve never seen on a morning walk.

Two horses.

Yes, you read that right. HORSES—TWO OF THEM!

I live in a town with a leash law, yet sometimes I run into people whose dogs are off-leash. They’ll turn a corner and oftentimes run over to me. Last week, I saw a friend walking her two dogs (on a leash). One got away from her, dragging his leash behind him. He came over, greeted me, and after loving on him a bit and telling him how wonderful he was, I ordered him back across the street—and he went.

So this morning, walking with the hubby, we looked up—and rounding the corner was a horse. It was like seeing a dog off his leash, except jumbo-sized, as he clopped along with joy. Moments later, another horse turned the corner, just as happy, and following his friend. It was one of the most unusual sights I’ve seen on a walk.

I have a knack of finding loose dogs when I’m walking. I can think of 4 that I’ve found who’ve gotten out of their back yards, through digging or via an open gate. I’ll snatch them up, find their person’s cell number on their tag, and make a call. The owners have always come right away and been grateful to me.

But you know what? Horses don’t wear collars with their owner’s info!

By this time, a concerned citizen had called the police and animal control (Can you imagine being on the receiving end of THAT call!), and soon help showed up. I hope the horses are now reunited with their people.


And I can’t wait what I might see on tomorrow morning’s adventure . . .


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