One Hope? #WineNot?


I recently got to do a mom/daughter trip that coincided with my Halloween birthday. We went to Walt Disney World in Orlando. Yes, that’s right—I got to spend my birthday at the happiest place on earth with my only child (who’s now an adult—and much easier to see the parks with than a 6-year-old!). The getaway was a blast. We went to Magic Kingdom and rode everything from Space Mountain to Haunted Mansion to the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train multiple times.


Our real goal was to attend the Food & Wine Festival held every fall at Epcot. We spent two days eating our way around the world. I sampled grilled shrimp & lamb, escargot, Belgian waffles, rib eye & shrimp tacos, pierogi, scallops, crisp pork belly w/black beans, bouef bourguignon, crème brulee, and all kinds of beers, wines, & ciders. Just as in Europe, we walked. A LOT! Happily, I came back weighing the same as I did when I left, which was a nice bonus.


We were able to go to culinary demos and taste food made by famous chefs which was paired with wines that brought out the best in both.


One wine tasting, though, has stayed with me. I knew I had to share what I learned at it.

No, I’m not going to tell you how to sniff or swirl or taste—even though our wine experts shared all those tips. I’m not going to enlighten you on the difference between a pinot grigio and a pinot noir.

Instead, I want to share info about One Hope Wines. Because not only was their product terrific, their mission statement made a lasting impression on me.


One Hope started 5 years ago with 8 friends in their 20s who came together to develop a product to help a friend who’d been diagnosed with cancer. At the beginning, they sold wine out of their trunks to individuals and small restaurants. They took the idea even further, wanting to create a quality wine and be able to give back, year-round, to a plethora of worthy causes.

And that is what they do. Half their profits—yes, you read that right—HALF—go to worthwhile causes. They don’t do this during a particular month or a certain time of year; they do it every day with every bottle & case sold.

They partnered with Rob Mondavi, Jr., and they developed 7 wines that are connected to notable causes. Since women’s #1 wine choice is chardonnay, those bottles sold see 50% of the profits going toward breast cancer research. Paws for Pinot is the catch-phrase that sees pinot profits earmarked for the ASPCA. The variety of causes range from supporting our troops & veterans to ending child hunger to helping children with autism and searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s. Saving the planet? Check. Funding clean water? Yup.

One Hope Wines believe that a quality product can be created and delivered to socially conscious consumers. Together, creator and consumer can make an impact on the world we live in.

The One Hope Wines we tasted were terrific and reasonably priced. The fact that they have committed 50% of their profits for every single bottle they sell to non-profit organizations gives me hope that other companies might follow their lead.


So stop by Whole Foods or check wherever you buy wine and see if One Hope Wines are available. Just like your vote can make a difference, so can the products you choose to purchase.

Their slogan is Indulge. Do Good. #WineNot?

 Give One Hope Wines a chance!


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