Are You Serious? What Will They Think of Next?


Okay, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m behind the times. The biggest reason?

I don’t do commercials. Period.

If I’m listening to the radio in the car or while I’m getting ready in the morning and the DJ goes to commercial, I simply change the station. If I’m watching TV, I tend to DVR practically everything I watch. That means I run through commercials. On the fastest speed possible. The rare time I might flip on the TV and watch something live (like at night when I put Letterman on as I’m winding down for the day), I’ll be productive during commercials—I’ll go brush & floss, pick out my clothes for the next day, or even flip through the guide to see what I have scheduled to DVR the rest of the week.

In other words, I really, really don’t do commercials!

It frustrates my husband to no end when he references something that happened in some commercial, and I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. The marketing major in him goes nuts with people like me. Or I’ll actually walk through the room and catch the tail-end of a commercial on a program he’s watching, and I’ll (foolishly) comment on how cute it is or different or whatever. I always get zapped because he tells me it’s been out over 2 years and he simply cannot BELIEVE that I have never seen it in the hundreds of times that it’s run.

But I haven’t!

Which leads me to stumbling upon something that I’d never heard of before. Frankly, I can’t imagine this running anywhere, but I saw it today because I was a captive audience. I’d gone to see Jersey Boys with my parents and my daughter. We got there in plenty of time to see First Look and then a zillion commercials before the previews started. BTW—I adore coming attractions—but that’s another blog.

One of the commercials that ran before our movie was for RunPee. Yup, you read that right. RunPee. This is a free app for your iPhone that is continually updated. What does it do?

It tells you the best times to run and pee during a movie . . . without missing the best scenes!

Heck, it even gives you a synopsis so you’ll know what you missed! And . . . drum roll . . . it also informs you if something extra occurs during the end credits. Bonus!

How does this work? Apparently if you download the app, it comes with a RunPee timer that alerts you (by vibration) when you can go pee. You can look in advance to see:

-how far into the movie your “time-out” will occur

-how long you’ll have to make it the restroom and back

-what visual clue to look for . . . and that’s in addition to your vibrating alert!

 I had to search this when I got home. I discovered that there’s not only a free app, but you can pay 99 cents for a similar one. I didn’t take the time to research the difference between the two.

Maybe I’m a purist because I always do a potty stop before I go into my movie theater. Sometimes I also have to make a pit stop after the movie ends. But I never, ever want to leave during a movie. I figure the director is putting up everything I need to see to make sense of the film, and the editor has trimmed the film until it’s seamless. Movies are expensive enough nowadays without me missing out on any scene, regardless of what RunPee says!

So this is not an app I’ll be downloading. It still amazing me that someone (who had too much time on his or her hands) actually thought to create this, much less created it. I think I’ll stick with Aerosmith’s song from (a film!) Armageddon—I don’t wanna miss a thing!


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One Response to Are You Serious? What Will They Think of Next?

  1. Cookie McCall says:

    How absurd! I can see it now, all those people walking in front of you during the RunPee breaks so it disturbs those who actually want to watch the whole movie! It’s all about ME!

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