A Little Spoiling Every Now & Then Does a Girl Good


Most women don’t take a lot of time for themselves. I’ve spent most of my life being a mom, wife, and teacher—and believe me, those occupations kept me juggling balls all the time—with very little time left just for me.

As a teacher, I wanted to devote as much individual attention to students as possible and to the group as a whole. Factor in lesson planning, grading, parent conferences, meetings, and staff trainings? That ate up a whole bunch of time. With barely anything left for me. It was hard enough squeezing in a dental and doctor’s appointment, much less having bonus time to pick up People to read!

Then I got married (and still was teaching). I wanted to be the best wife I could be, and I devoted any “surplus” time (I can hear teachers out there laughing now) to my wonderful new husband. It was a balancing act, but manageable, mostly because I married the right guy who really understood my commitment to my students.

Four years later, things changed again when we brought our daughter home from the hospital. With a baby, your life is turned upside down and inside out and right side wrong side and sideways in a loop. What little “free” time I had certainly wasn’t spent on watching football games or TV or reading (Forget about shaving my legs!). And I still was teaching, so I’m afraid between focusing on my newborn and my “babies” at school (Yes, I considered my hormonal high schoolers my babies since I saw them more that their own parents did), I’m afraid my husband got shortchanged for a blur of time there—but he always did have clean underwear and socks, I’m proud to say, if not exactly ironed shirts. Let’s just say when Casual Friday took over 5 days a week and he could wear golf shirts and no-iron khakis, my prayers were answered.

Gradually, I learned to eke out time for me. It might mean going to a movie now and then or watching something on TV. During the summers (when I wasn’t in teacher training or prepping for the upcoming school year), I would luxuriate because I had a little time to read. I also started carving out time for my writing and not to brag, but I’m proud of the fact that I’ve published 4 historical romances and will see another one come out this fall.

But as my responsibilities have shifted over the years, I’ve gained more time for me. Frankly, I love it. And today, I did one of my favorite things that’s just for me.

I got a pedicure.

I’d never even gotten one till about 5-6 years ago. I really had no idea what they involved, other than trimming my toenails and polishing my toes. Now I’ve learned that it’s a true hour of pampering ME! I sit in that comfy chair and set it to a lower back massage that kneads knots out of me like there’s no tomorrow. My pedicurist gives me a fantastic leg & foot massage that practically has me whimpering. The bonus is the trim & polish that I leave the salon with. It’s my once a month splurge that makes me feel pretty . . . and pretty darn good. I think a little spoiling every now and then is good for my soul.

So here I am at home now, enjoying that relaxed feeling, with my feet propped up, surveying my toes and their new OPI color—My Address is Hollywood. And the bonus? Watching Adam Levine on Live With Kelly & Michael while I admire my toes!




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4 Responses to A Little Spoiling Every Now & Then Does a Girl Good

  1. Kathy Hogan says:

    I remember clearly the moment I discovered I had a little me time as my kids grew up and I was able to sit and read. It had been so long.

  2. Rita Bauer says:

    My summer color this year is Red Hot and I love it. It’s not yet time for this month’s pedicure, but ahhhh. Finally being able to pick up a book other than Dr. Seuss was like winning the lottery!

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