Loving Me Some Peanut Butter

1As I turn the calendar from February to March, escaping winter is on my mind.

I know—I live in Texas—so my Northern friends tell me I don’t really understand what winter is. Winter in Texas ranges from today’s high of 77 to tomorrow’s low of 19. Yes, we do have our swings in temps in Texas! There are some winters where I’ve only worn my coat a handful of times (I’m talking single digits—don’t kill me!), while others have seen me bundle up with hat, gloves, coat and boots several times over the winter months.

So I shouldn’t complain about it still being winter as I do my morning walk in shorts today because I know large parts of the country experience winter from October into April—and even beyond at times.

But flipping my calendar to March just now reminds me of spring being just around the corner. My dad and daughter were born on the first day of spring. March means I see the warming trend become a reality and get excited because I get to wear things that are non-sweaters and non-boots. I get to paint my toenails and show off the color in a toe-liberating pair of sandals. I change out flannel sheets for cotton ones. I dream about getting organized and doing spring cleaning of all closets and drawers (whether that really happens or not remains to be seen each year).

And yet there is one item that I won’t give up that helps me get through each winter. I stick with it in the spring, summer, and fall, as well. Yes, I am remarkably loyal to it.

Peanut butter.

That’s right. Peanut butter is my go-to. My stand-by. My dependable food that tastes great no matter what the weather is outside. I love a peanut butter sandwich, and like people eat ketchup on lots of things? I do the same with peanut butter.

Try it sometime on celery. On your waffle (with honey). On a toasted English muffin. On a banana. Especially on a sliced and tart Granny Smith apple. The melding of tastes and textures just make my taste buds smile. I will even open my pantry on occasion and slip out the jar of peanut butter (chunky is a fav). Open it. Stick my finger in and twirl it about. Then savor it—all by itself. Like some enjoy the smell of coffee in the morning, I love to inhale the rich aroma of peanut butter.

Peanut butter is a simple food. A comfort food. It reminds me of my happy childhood. I ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches growing up. It was the staple in my little brown lunch sack that I took to school every day for years and years. And years—because I became a teacher—so I’ve been to school a LONG time!

And when I was pregnant? I didn’t get morning sickness like the books say and 98% of women experience. I got “around 8:30 every night queasiness.” The only thing that calmed my stomach and made me happy again? You got it—peanut butter. My husband would smear it on crackers for me. That dependable snack helped me keep down dinner and go to bed a happy camper (at least until I had to get up and hit the bathroom five times a night!).

So as I see it’s a new day and a new month today, I lift a tablespoon of peanut butter up in salute, for you see, today is National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day! Enjoy!!


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2 Responses to Loving Me Some Peanut Butter

  1. Cookie McCall says:

    My gramdmother’s birthday was March 21 which she always celebrated as the first FULL day of spring!

    • I was excited to learn my due date was my dad’s birthday. I was so proud to give birth to his first grandchild on his b-day. Don’t think I’ll ever top that gift!

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