Character Interview with Jed Stone

Today I give a little insight into Jed Stone, the hero from A Game of Chance. This character interview originally appeared on historical romance author Collette Cameron’s Blue Rose Romance blog, Divine Encounters with Love.

A Game of Chance large cover

I’m here today with one of San Francisco’s newest residents, Jed Stone. Good morning, Jed. How are you today?

Frankly, it’s a bit early for me. I’m a gambler by trade, so I tend to have a lot of late nights. Games of chance seem to start late and continue till the wee hours of the morning. I’ve also recently come into some property, and taking care of it has kept me busy.

Would that be Lucky Lil’s? I’ve heard it’s the most famous whorehouse in San Francisco. Not that I’ve ever been there before.

You’ve heard right. I won the deed to Lucky Lil’s in a poker game down on the square. I’m not sure why the deed was floating around, but Madam Lil is none too happy with the new change in ownership.

Really? I’d think she’d be happy that a strong man with electric blue eyes and a smile that lights up a room would be the new owner. I’ve heard she’s fallen on hard times.

Lil’s a hard woman to figure out. We’ve already butted heads a few times. I want to make a few changes, and she’s unhappy with me for that. But on the other hand, her daughter Lily and I are getting along just fine.

Lil has a daughter? Who knew?

Yes, she’s been back east visiting old school friends. From what I gather, Lil shielded her from house life by sending her away to boarding school. Lily is a bit naïve, but she’s a sweet girl. I’ve enjoyed learning about San Francisco from her. In fact, we’re going to a big society ball tonight.

Sounds like you might be taken with her.

No, I don’t have time for affairs of the heart. I’m actually here in San Francisco to find the man who caused my best friend to hang for a murder he didn’t commit. I plan on getting sweet revenge on Simon Morgan. After that, I might sell Lucky Lil’s and move on. Getting out of California might be the smart move.

Why? You haven’t been here long.

Well, I’m keeping this close to the vest, but I was arrested when I first arrived. I look exactly like a man who’s a train robber and murderer. It was pretty darn spooky, seeing my face looking back at me from a wanted poster. So I plan to take care of Morgan and move on. I don’t want to hang for another man’s crimes. Still . . .

What? More unfinished business?

I feel sheepish admitting this, but I can’t seem to get Lily out of my mind. She’s funny and feisty and about the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. And when I kissed her . . . excuse me, but a gentleman shouldn’t kiss and tell. I think we better wrap up this interview. I’ve got plenty of business to discuss with Madam Lil, plus I’ve got to see my new lawyer about some investments.

Thank you, Jed, for stopping by and chatting today. I hope things work out for the best with Simon Morgan . . . and with Lily Frontiere.

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