Happy B-Day, Facebook!


Today is the 10th anniversary of something that has revolutionized our world. Yes, Facebook is now 10 years old. Mark Zuckerberg launched this social media site from his Harvard dorm room, and it has changed the habits of people everywhere in this past decade.

FB gets 6 billion likes per day. It’s connected over 201 billion people around the planet together. Numbers like these simply blow my mind. I can’t begin to comprehend how vast FB has become.

I remember vaguely hearing about FB and not really paying much attention to it at first. I finally got on  and created a profile when my daughter was in college. She’d tell me about things she’d been doing, and I’d ask her to send me a picture. Exasperated, she finally demanded, “Mom, just get on FB. You can see my pictures there.”

So I did. Not only was it a fun way to see what events she was participating in, but all of a sudden I started getting friend requests from people throughout various times in my life. I’d thought email was a nice way to stay in touch with friends and family, but FB has made everything easy and fun with just a few clicks of my mouse.

I scroll through FB each day to see what my friends have posted. I might view a picture of a newly-adopted pet from an animal shelter. Vacation shots from Italy or Florida. A funnyYou Tube video. Cartoons that make me smile. Graduation or family reunion pictures. Every day my friends and family post dozens of items. I know who’s sick or getting married or celebrating an anniversary—all thanks to FB. Even long-distance, I can share in my friends and families’ life events, be it big or small. The world has grown closer, thanks to the miracles of social media, and FB, in particular.

As an author, I post all kinds of things—info about my latest release; pictures of a great meal; places I’m traveling; inspirational quotes; and especially anything with animals or humor. It’s a nice way to allow readers to get to know me—not just Lauren, the writer—but Lauren, the person.

Kudos to you, Mark Zuckerberg. You ran with an innovative idea that changed our world. It’s been a fun 10 year ride. I can’t wait to see what FB will come up with next!1


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2 Responses to Happy B-Day, Facebook!

  1. Kathy Hogan says:

    It does not seem like 10 years. I too signed up on FB to see pictures of family and friends. It is a great way to stay involved with friends even though we may not see them as often as we would like.

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