Reading Habits – Yours and Mine!


I was sad today when I read that The Goddesses Blog would end this coming weekend. It’s a group of romance writers who blog about all kinds of things. To celebrate bringing their blogging adventure to an end, they asked their readers to answer a few questions in order to be placed in a drawing for free books. Hey—I’m ALL about the free—so I answered their questions. I thought I’d share with you and see what your reading habits are like!

Here’s a list of their questions and my answers:

1.  Do you skim books? Skim books? That’s sacrilege! If I have an urge to skim, then that book isn’t doing me any favors. No        amount of skimming will make me like it. I read for the magic and adventure. If a book truly holds my attention, then I want to savor each word.

2. Read the last chapter first? Don’t they put people in prison for that? I heard it’s a felony, not a misdemeanor. And I don’t want to do jail time. Ever.

3.  Only break off a reading session at the end of a scene or chapter? I prefer a natural break such as the chapter’s end, but sometimes the drying goes off or the nurse calls my name, so I’ve got other things to do and places to be. Isn’t that what bookmarks are for?

4.  Wait for the whole series to be published before starting book #1 of the series? No, but I absolutely must start with Book #1. No exceptions. I know many books in a series can be read as stand-alones, but I like to know that rich history involved, and that means starting at the very beginning with Book #1. A very good place to start!

5.  Skip ahead to see what is coming? That’s just plain wrong. You should be arrested by The Reading Police. Do not pass GO. Do not collect anything worthwhile. GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL (where you’ll serve time with the #2’s from above that try to read the last chapter first).

6. Have a special location for reading? I have a favorite place to read, but I can read anywhere. That’s the wonder of books. They’re portable and can be read on the beach / in the bathtub / on a park bench / during your lunch hour / in the car / on a plane / waiting in line anywhere / etc.

7. Listen to music while reading? No. I have a tendency to start humming along and hearing the lyrics in my head. That distracts from the words of the book I’m reading. I like the sound of silence instead.

8. Read more than one novel at a time? Yes. All the time! There’s no crime in that.

So those were my answers to the Goddesses. What are some of your reading habits?


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2 Responses to Reading Habits – Yours and Mine!

  1. Kathy Hogan says:

    I agree with your answers 100%. I especially like numbers 2 & 5. It’s just wrong. As for number 7?? That’s what our students insisted they could do. Wrong again.

  2. Cookie McCall says:

    I’m with you 90% – I just can’t keep multiple books going at the same time – it’s that short memory thing – got to keep my stories straight!

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