I Don’t Do Orange . . . Unless It’s October


I hate the color orange.

Okay, maybe hate is too strong, but I really, really dislike orange. A lot.

I think it probably started with baby aspirin and associating memories of that yucky orange taste and color with being sick. And I positively couldn’t stand orange Kool-Aid. I was mad for grape and strawberry, but orange just tasted icky. I remember going to a birthday party when I was about 4 or 5. I loved the cake, but when the hosting mom tried to press a plastic cup of orange Kool-Aid on me after I’d refused politely several times, I finally yelled at her and walked away. Of course, I got in trouble, but how do you explain to your own mom a strong aversion to anything orange?

I’ve had my colors “done” and taken numerous quizzes to see what shades I look best in. I’m a summer or a cool, which means I look better in pastels (blush, mint green, sky blue) or hues of blue and purple (think  fuchsia, navy, violet). But put me in anything orange, from a T-shirt to sweater to a silk blouse? My gosh, zombies from The Walking Dead look better than the reflection of a washed-out me in the mirror.

But . . . give me October, and then orange is a whole ‘nother ball game.

My birthday is on Halloween, so I’m partial to October to begin with. Add to it that fall is my absolute favorite season, and you can see why I cheer for October to arrive each year with its cooler temps and building a fire at night and getting to finally wear clothes for a different season. And with October comes . . . pumpkins!

I love to see clusters of pumpkins on a porch, in a flowerbed, or as I pass a local pumpkin patch. The orange of a pumpkin seems so vibrant and friendly. Same thing when I’m out walking. As the leaves begin to change, I’m attracted to the fiery orange that’s alive against a backdrop of blue skies.

By October, football is in full swing, and that means chips and dips are always on the menu at my house. Homemade queso (mixing Rotel tomatoes with orange-yellow Velveeta) produces something just this side of paradise. Add in some sausage and/or mushrooms? Hey, baby – you’ve got a meal! (Even if it is orange in color)

And no matter how much queso I’ve downed, there’s always room for that special October delight – a pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks. People live for the day when Starbucks puts it back on the menu.

So I’m enjoying orange. Just for the month of October. In fact, I think I’ll head out now for my own pumpkin spiced latte!


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5 Responses to I Don’t Do Orange . . . Unless It’s October

  1. Rita says:

    100% agreement. Orange just isn’t a good color, except for leaves and pumpkins. It isn’t a color that most people look good wearing. Ok, a rugged hunter in a vest can be stirring, but it’s LBD, not LOD. Can you even imagine a cocktail party wall-to-wall in LOD. It would certainly make me want several beverages!

  2. Kathy Hogan says:

    I’m with you on the dislike of Orange. But I can’t get enough of all the Orange pumpkins and leaves. They just scream fall when the weather finally gives us a refreshing break. Purple is my favorite color. Isn’t purple opposite of Orange on the color wheel?

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