Character Interview for Outlaw Muse

ImageHere’s an interview my characters did today on author Cheryl Yeko’s website. Even though I closed the cover on writing their story, it was fun to “hear” them talk about one other in a new light:

Tell us about the first time you saw the h/h.

Daman: I was driving my cart to return to the train in Abilene and saw a crowd gathered. Curiosity got the better of me, and I moved closer. Shock ran through me as I saw a woman with a noose about her neck, about to be executed. I knew I couldn’t abandon her to this barbaric American mob. 

Serena: I caught a glimpse of my rescuer when he yanked the hood off that Sheriff Parker placed over my head just before my execution. Of course, I was coughing and sputtering since Parker had thrown the lever to begin the hanging, and I’d already spent a few seconds swinging from the rope. After I caught my breath, I lost it again–looking into my hero’s eyes.

What drew you to him/her? 

Daman: Something in her eyes reminded me of my sister. I hadn’t been able to save Cynthia, but I refused to let this woman die. Of course, as a connoisseur of women, it didn’t hurt that she had a raven mane of hair, amber eyes, and curves all in the right places.

Serena: I sensed a deep hurt that ran through him and wanted to protect him as he had me. It surprised me to think him vulnerable because he stood over six feet and had a commanding presence, with dark chestnut hair and penetrating blue eyes.

What is your favorite thing about him/her:

Daman: Serena is beautiful inside and out, and her generous spirit has sparked my creativity once again. She makes me not only a better playwright . . . but a better man.

Serena: Daman is innately good and the most creative soul on the planet. There’s nothing he can’t do

Care to share future plans? 

Daman: I want us to travel back to England so Serena can see where I grew up and meet my brother. Of course, she’s already inspired countless ideas, so I’ll have lots of plays to write–in-between making love to her a good three or four times a day.

Serena: I want to get to know my twin brother Bill again, but most of all I want to spend every waking moment I can with the hero of my heart, my husband Daman.


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