I’m ALL About the Free

couponsEvery woman loves getting a bargain. I’m no exception to that rule.

I love finding something on sale – be it a pullover sweater, a pair of shoes, or my favorite lipstick. And if I get a compliment on an item I purchased off the sale rack, even better!

I also am a Coupon Queen. I get a slight thrill opening my newspaper each Sunday and pulling out the ads because I know buried within will be my circulars bearing dozens of coupons. Coupons for make-up, Cheerios, yogurt – you name it, I clip it!

I truly enjoy grocery shopping (one of the few women who does), and my favorite part of the outing is when the cashier starts swiping those coupons. I watch the total amount go down, down, down … and get a cheap thrill. I’ve even had checkers congratulate me for having taken so much off my final bill.

2-for-1 deals are some of my favorites, whether it’s for a Sonic hamburger or bottles of vitamins or nail polish. I love to rock a Groupon for a Swedish massage or Mexican restaurant. I’m the proud bearer of loyalty cards for my favorite frozen yogurt and pizza places. When I’ve purchased a certain number of ounces or a set number of pies, I get a FREE ONE in return! What’s not to like about that?

Today marks a pretty special day for me. I’m getting to offer my own freebie to readers! Amazon has a promotional program that allows authors to let their books be downloaded for free for a limited time. Let me tell you – a LOT of thought, blood, sweat, tears, and creativity go into writing a book. I was so happy when MUSIC FOR MY SOUL came out in May. It was like giving birth to an actual baby since it gestated so long inside of me before I began to put words on the page. Then I guided the plot and characters along until it came to fruition, just as a parent leads a child on to the road of becoming an adult.

So do yourself a favor and grab my book for free today and Friday! I hope you’ll think it’s a bargain and that you’ll enjoy getting to know my people. Writing has become like music to my soul, just as my heroine Madeleine became music to soothe and heal my hero Garrett’s heart.




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