Tuesdays with Morrie? Nope. I’ll Take Tuesdays with Tim!


Every year I’d get the inevitable question from my students a few weeks into the school year. Are we your favorite class?

3rd period just knew they were more fun than 2nd  ever thought about being. 6th period believed they were superior to 4th  in looks, personalities, and academics. And yet every time I got the question, students were stunned by my answer.


No? NO? They were appalled they weren’t my favs because they just knew they had to be! Then they’d ask which class was. I’d smile and say, “Lunch is my favorite class. Just like you.”

Students forget sometimes (well, a lot of the time) that teachers are people, too. I couldn’t wait for lunch every day. Partly because I was STARVING by the time it rolled around, but partly because I craved adult conversation and got to be with my friends. We talked shop sometimes, but often we discussed politics, movies, vacations, our families, and even our hopes and dreams.

I’ve been blessed to be a part of some amazing Lunch Bunch groups. Probably my favorite was the year that we designated “Tuesdays with Tim.” Now my friend Tim is a gentleman and a scholar … but also a little rascal. Even in his 40s, he gets that twinkle in his eye and a look of mischief that clues you in to just what a scamp he must’ve been as a boy.

As we talked over the years, Tim had tons of stories to share with the table. So many that sometimes we’d all eat without saying a word, enthralled by his tales, laughing over his adventures, and sad to hear the bell that summoned us back to class. We decided we’d pick a special day that gave Tim the floor each week, so Tuesdays with Tim was born.

We heard stories about Tim and his brother growing up in a small town in Nebraska. Army stories. Wrestling stories. College stories. Tim was a treasure trove of tales. I look back at the good times we had at the lunch table that year (Shout-out to Kathy, Jim, Jack, Michael, Patrick, Grant, and Yak!), and hope I learned something about the art of storytelling from Tim.

I want my readers to be as caught up in my stories as the Lunch Bunch was hearing Tim’s times recalled. I want them to get excited, be nervous, tear up, and laugh aloud – having that overall entertaining experience as they read a Lauren Linwood book.

That Lunch Bunch has scattered now … but I’m still friends with Tim. And I hope I’ve taken his lessons to heart.


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14 Responses to Tuesdays with Morrie? Nope. I’ll Take Tuesdays with Tim!

  1. Rita says:

    Tuesdays with Tim were always exciting and full of anticipation of the story to be shared. Thanks for the memory.

  2. Love Tim. Will always love Tim. What more can I say?

  3. Holli Metz says:

    You are right, it is hard to remember until we are fully grown and have teacher friends of our own that you are all people too! Miss you and your classes from so long ago! You were such a joy to have as a teacher and someone I will always remember fondly!

    • I do think sometimes students are puzzled when they see their teachers out in public. She EATS? In RESTAURANTS? He goes to CHURCH? She goes to THE MALL??? But yes, teachers are actually people. With lives. I’m glad I got to share time with you back then … and now today outside the classroom!

  4. cjburright says:

    Thanks for the post, took me right back to middle school. And no, I didn’t really think teachers were people back then. 🙂 Tim sounds like a great guy to know.

    • I once ran into a student at a concert. Thought I might’ve sprouted 6 horns from my head the way she looked at me. Assured her I liked the band that was playing (or I wouldn’t have spent my hard-earned teacher dollars attending!). She treated me very differently after that … like … human! Tim is just the best – great teacher, husband, father, and friend.

  5. Karen says:

    Certainly Tim had a special story-telling quality. Tim was not always able to be at the table by the time I came along as Ac Dec beckoned to him. I was enriched by all the discussion brought by you, Rita, Kathy, Jim, Jack, Michael, Kyle, and Jennifer (I feel like I’m at the Academy Awards, I know I’m leaving someone out).

  6. Kathy Hogan says:

    Those were fun days and friendships forged for a lifetime. I am so glad I was part of the Lunch Bunch with Tim. My son was privileged to have Tim for a teacher so I know his storytelling qualities extended to the classroom.

  7. Kathy Hogan says:

    One more comment on teachers being human. I had a student once who was sure they just locked me up in the classroom closet every night and let me out every morning.

  8. Patrick Henry says:

    That was really a fun lunch group. We do miss you.

    • Thanks, Patrick. I miss that everyday contact with you all. It always brightened my day! Been keeping up with Hayden’s career. Best to him – even if he’s not an Aggie!!

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