Who DECIDES These Things?

margaritaI just read online that today (July 24) is National Tequila Day. At least it’s after 3PM as I made this discovery, so I suppose I can celebrate at any time now.

But it got me to thinking…WHO decides this kind of stuff?

I got online to figure out. Boom! Immediately, I discovered that July 24 is a crowded day on the calendar. Not only should you celebrate National Tequila Day with a margarita, but it’s also national days for Amelia Earhart, cousins, and drive-thrus!

I suppose tequila got a summer day since July is a hot time of year (at least here in Texas). Margaritas just taste better in sweltering weather, and they nicely balance out a meal of Mexican food. I know what I’m talking about…I just got back from vacation where I paired a watermelon-cucumber margarita with seafood enchiladas. Both were to die for, and I finished up the meal with a gelato combo of dark chocolate and cake batter. I figured walking to the restaurant, then over to the gelato shop, then back to where we were staying eliminated a few calories. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

As for Amelia Earhart? The American aviation pioneer was born on this day in 1897, so celebrating her today makes sense. Ironically enough, she disappeared on a July day back in 1937. As a history buff, I see stories crop up every now and then as to her supposed plane crash location. Maybe one day the actual wreckage will finally be discovered.

Cousins can be family, friends, or both. As our society has become one that moves around frequently, cousins often don’t see each other except at family occasions – weddings, funerals, graduations, holidays, or family reunions. It’s nice to know they have their own designated day to celebrate the relationship (and maybe down a few shots of tequila, killing 2 celebration stones for the same day).

The last to be honored on the July 24 list is drive-thrus. They started out as restaurants, but nowadays we’ve taken the concept way beyond fast food. You can drop off your cleaning, pick up or deposit money, grab a prescription, or even grab a Starbucks latte on your way to work by going through the drive-thru, all while staying in your car. Probably the most outrageous idea is the Las Vegas drive-thru wedding chapels. I shudder to think what their marriage success rate might be.

I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s double celebration of National Hot Dog Day coupled with National Vanilla Ice Cream Day. It does give me hope that I might be able to celebrate multiple numbers of ice cream days by honoring different flavors. I’m NOT sorry to have skipped by July 22’s National Rat Catcher’s Day, although I wouldn’t have minded celebrating National Hammock Day…if I had a hammock…

I never did learn who The Powers That Be are and how they determine what day to observe what. But I have a whole new list of things to kick my heels up at in the future. Here’s to future days that honor: toothaches, public sleeping, Bunsen burners, 8-track tapes, lost socks, bad poetry, beheadings, brown shoes, and extra-terrestrial abductions – may the fun & games begin!


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4 Responses to Who DECIDES These Things?

  1. Kathy Hogan says:

    Made me laugh. Glad your blog is back.

  2. Cookie McCall says:

    Well – just sayin’ – it would seem to me that National Tequila Day would be more appropriately placed on Cinco de Mayo! But then, as you said, we don’t know WHO decides these days of honor.

    • I thought the same thing, Cookie! So I looked it up – and that national day is for: cartoonists, infertility survival, hoagies, and – get this – National Totally Chipotle Day!

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