Wish I Could Hop on the Fashion Trend Bus

spring fashion

I’m attending a local fashion show at Nordstrom’s this week, courtesy of my local women’s club. Models will parade down the runway in spring fashions, and a store representative will inform the audience on current fashion trends for the rest of 2013. I will love every minute of it – and then go home and put on the same outfit the next day that I’ve worn for years. My closet has a LOT of black in it – from pants to shirts to sweaters. Lots of shades of blues – navy, midnight, sapphire, sky, teal. Tons of neutrals – tans, browns, grays. Every now and then an actual pop of color jumps out – purple, green, or red – but those don’t count for much.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE looking at clothes in magazines such as Glamour or In Style. I enjoy seeing all the different colors and combinations. I peruse the purses and shoes and wish I had everything piece in the magazine. One of my favorite things is when they take a category – classic, casual, trendy, sporty, elegant – and group clothes and accessories based upon that classification. They reveal every type of attire to wear for a weekend of shopping, brunch, or dining out, stores and prices included to make it easy for you to replicate the effort.

 But does it influence me? Not a bit. I open my closet and see pretty much the same items that have been in there for years. And yes, I’m guilty of only wear a small percentage of those over and over.

 I guess I’m lazy. I don’t really like to shop. I hate trying on clothes, especially when I’ve undressed and what I’ve chosen is too big or too small. Those sales clerks that shadow you the entire time you’re skimming the racks are nowhere to be found when you need them to bring you a different size. Is it really worth getting completely dressed again, only to go out and locate a different size and come back and do it all over again in the dressing room? I think not.

 My Rules of Fashion?

 #1: You can never have enough pairs of black pants. Bonus points for different fabrics and lengths.

 #2: See Rule #1.

 #3: A crisp white shirt or white T-shirt goes a long way.

 #4: When in doubt, throw a scarf around your neck.

 #5: You can never have enough jeans (although I’m guilty of wearing the same 2 go-to pairs over and over).

 #6: If you have a navy and black jacket and an LBD, you can go anywhere.

 #7: Variety means having as many pullover sweaters as possible.

 Basically, I like timeless pieces. Solids. Not a lot of wild patterns, though I do love plaids and a nice herringbone. And even though my daughter tells me khakis are out, I think (like jeans) they go with everything.

 And I will admit it with absolutely no shame – I’m a fan of sweat pants and yoga pants. There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and slipping them on to cook, read, watch TV, or just veg. Maybe even exercise. Or not.

 So I’m looking forward to the Nordstrom’s presentation. I can’t wait to see the bursts of color – the tangerines and mint greens or wild fuschias. I’ll be happy to hear about the trends that have been trending in the fashion mags – cutouts, Bermuda shorts, stripes, deep V-necks. I’ll smile and applaud and think how cool all the models looked and know I had a really good time.

 Then I’ll go home, trade my nice shirt and black pants for a T-shirt and jeans, and kick back with a cup of tea and a good book. Cinderella’s home from the ball. The glass slippers are retired. Comfy slippers back on. My life as a non-fashionista will go on.


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3 Responses to Wish I Could Hop on the Fashion Trend Bus

  1. Kathy Hogan says:

    One can never have too many pairs of black pants. Or shoes.

  2. Rita says:

    A pop of color goes well with black pants.

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