Royal Slip of the Tongue?


Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, has the world guessing now with what some are calling a “slip of the tongue.” Kate, when handed a teddy bear, supposedly said, “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d…” and stopped mid-sentence. 

So did the duchess accidentally reveal the gender of her baby?

 Another bystander in the crowd heard Kate say, “No, we don’t know,” when someone asked if they were having a girl.

 I’m sure William and Kate will be delighted with either a boy or a girl, especially now that Parliament recently passed legislation that ended the principle of male primogeniture. In layman’s terms? The royal couple’s first child can inherit the throne regardless of gender.

 Back when I was pregnant, it was common to have a sonogram around the third month to check on the baby’s progress. It was not as common to find out the baby’s gender. I even knew a few couples who did “learn” what they were having – only to find out at birth that the sonogram had been interpreted incorrectly – and they were stuck with the wrong color of clothes, wallpaper, and crib sheets.

 We decided to find out our baby’s gender when he/she arrived, praying for a baby that was healthy and happy, and debating different male and female names throughout the pregnancy.

 But I had an epiphany in the shower around the fourth month that I kept to myself. A calm settled over me. I knew it was a girl. So when people proclaimed to know the gender, I smiled sweetly. Some told me I was carrying high, so that meant a girl. Others said the same thing, but they insisted it had to be a boy. And then others said I was carrying low, and that also meant either gender.  I just knew the baby was big.

 Frankly, I looked like I carried an NBA-sized basketball under my shirt. From the rear, I looked the same, with my stick arm and legs that remained skinny. From the front was another story. When I was three days from my due date, my bump had grown so large that my doctor thought I might even be carrying twins. That statement panicked this first-time mom-to-be. I only had one crib. We’d only received one high chair. I only liked one each of our girl and boy names. What if I had two girls or two boys? Yikes!

 I must have looked terrified, so Dr. J took me across the hall for another sonogram that revealed one very large baby. If another one was hiding in there, Dr. J said it was a small one. He also slipped…and told me the baby was a boy. Since we hadn’t wanted to know, I asked him not to mention it to my husband. I left puzzled…because I knew I was having a girl.

 Three days later on my due date, my water broke. I think I willed it to happen since that was my dad’s birthday…and what better present could I give him that a first-born grandchild?

 Seventeen hours later, my doctor lifted my baby from the C-section incision. Even from behind the drape, I heard the wonder in his voice when he said, “It’s a…girl.” That little pause that no one else noticed but me. Then I saw my daughter for the very first time, all 9 pounds, 2 ½ ounces and a long 22 inches, with a head full of dark hair and sparkling blue eyes.

 That was a long time ago, but I still remember the wonder and joy of giving birth to our only child. I know Kate and William are now experiencing the same kind of emotions.

 And whatever gender the baby is, I know their baby will be loved.




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3 Responses to Royal Slip of the Tongue?

  1. Rita says:

    You are correct. Boy or girl isn’t the issue. Healthy baby is. I found out when our social worker called and asked if we could pick up our son the next day. We had a boy! Born, not under my heart, but in it. Yep, healthy, too!

    • I think too much is made of whether or not a baby is a boy or girl. Babies are to be loved and treasured! I know we’ve felt like that with our own children and are blessed that they are both healthy and happy!

      • Kathy Hogan says:

        Knowing the gender before birth takes away some of the wonder and excitement. Dr. J was wonderful. Wish they made more like him.

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