Red Carpet watch – and the Oscars, of course!

OscarRed Carpet and the Oscars

I’ve watched the Academy Awards since I was a single-digit, starry-eyed child, only missing them once when my husband won a free trip to Japan and Hong Kong, causing us to miss the broadcast – but that’s another story.

As a movie fan, I enjoy the night – seeing all the nominees in their role as a real-life person, most of them every bit as normal and nervous as we would be in their position; dishing on what significiant other an actor brings (I love when they opt to bring Mom instead); and hearing the heartfelt, funny, and sometimes scattered (Meryl!) acceptance speeches. I had to cheer Julia Roberts on when she won Best Actress, not only for her smashing vintage Valentino, but for telling off “Stick Man” – the conductor ready to start the orchestra and play her off – so she could finish thanking those dearest to her.

But my favorite thing is watching the Red Carpet arrivals. I tape E! News and the network showing the Oscars so I’m able to bounce back and forth without missing any of the dresses or bling. I have to say that E!’s use of the mani-cam was quite the breakthrough for awards season shows and has brought a playful aspect.

I know this is a woman thing. My husband gallantly goes out and picks dinner up so I won’t miss a dress by having to cook. I then dissect the best and worst dresses with all kinds of generations of ladies – from my mom to my daughter to friends of all ages, even the high school students I once taught. Every woman loves to talk Red Carpet dresses.

So I’m looking forward to tonight’s Red Carpet, especially people such as the Jennifers (Anniston, Garner, and Lawrence), Kate Winslet, Kerry Washington, Salma Hayak, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Jessica Chastain, Sally Field, Charlize Theron, and Octavia Spencer. I’m not sure if Helen Mirren or Emma Stone are attending, but they both are fabulous women who always catch my eye in whatever they wear.

So here’s to Red Carpet watching. I know I won’t be diasappointed.



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